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Organizational Chart

University Compliance  

Org Chart shows University Compliance (Privacy and Policy) reports to EVP and BOT.

See also the Staff Directory Listing

Board of Trustees (BOT)

The University Compliance Office has a dotted reporting line to the BOT (Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee) and a direct reporting link to the EVP.  University Policy and University Privacy are a direct reporting link to University Compliance.

Executive Vice President (EVP)

University Compliance has a direct reporting line to the EVP

Christine Stallmann
Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)

Alexis Brubaker
Associate Compliance Officer (ACO)

  • University Compliance
  • University Policy
  • University Privacy

Philip Davidowsky
Compliance and Policy Manager (CPM)

  • University Compliance
  • University Policy

Lindsay LaLonde
Executive Staff Assistant to CCO and ACO