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Conduct a Compliance Assessment

Conduct a Compliance Assessment 

A Compliance Assessment is used to to assess and document the current state of compliance oversight, management and related risks in a given compliance area.

The assessment will help identify strengths and opportunities within a specific compliance area's ecosystem, including oversight accountability, regulatory reporting requirements, compliance management, compliance risks, and key compliance gaps, along with laying the groundwork to develop a compliance gap closure plan and escalating compliance concerns as appropriate.

Consult with University Compliance and the lead Compliance Partner to plan, conduct and finalize your assessment. 

Overview of Compliance Assessment Process

Stage #

Stage Title


1 Planning Consult with University Compliance and the lead Compliance Partner to plan a specific compliance assessment
2 Interviews Compliance Partner and University Compliance will coordinate any key interviews to understand the compliance topic
3 Blue Sheet Compliance Partner and University Compliance will collaborate to complete the "blue sheet" compliance assessment tool
4 Review Compliance Partner and University Compliance will review the completed blue sheet and conduct a gap analysis
5 Gap closure Compliance Partner and University Compliance will develop a gap closure plan
6 Sign offs Responsible Executive and Chief Compliance Officer receive report out and sign off on assessment findings and gap closure plan